Equipped with the spiritual gifts of teaching and exhortation, K. Sheldon Bailey is good teacher of the Bible who ministers with insight, sensitivity, an ability to connect with people, and a call to action that allows the Word of God to impact their lives.
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If you need someone to assist in taking your congregational worship to an even higher plateau, I can help. If you need someone to work with your praise and worship team in leading the congregation into the presence of the Lord, I can help.
Holy Spirit Baptism
If you’d like in-depth teaching, I can help. If you’re interested in the Biblical ministering of Holy Spirit baptism, I can help. I’ve taught and ministered on this extremely important subject in many countries, in both denominational and non-denominational churches. The response to the easy-to-understand teaching has always been embraced, and the invitation to be filled is accepted by nearly all who are present.
Also, if you can use help in training leaders to minister the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I can help with that, as well.
(Take a minute to visit the bookstore on this site and view my book, “Filled: Rediscovering Holy Spirit Baptism”.)

Men’s ministry

My first appointed teaching position in the church was to the men’s Sunday school class over 25 years ago. Since that time I’ve ministered to men in conferences, seminars, churches, the county jail, and in one-on-one settings. If you need help in ministering to men, I can help. I have a history of connecting with men in a way this is genuine and impactful!


Single Christians may be the most underserved group of people, ministry wise, in the entire body of Christ. As a single Christian, I understand the challenges of single-living, how to overcome the temptations a pitfalls that confront single Christians, and how to live a successfully as a Christian. I’ve also learned the benefits and advantages of being single, and how to live in contentment, while being prepared for marriage.

Theme-based Conferences or Services

Whether it is a church or pastor’s anniversary, or a theme-based seminar or conference, I can help. I prayerfully craft and minister messages that are based on the Spirit-inspired theme chosen by leadership. Always mindful of the occasion, my ministry of the Word promises to be both upbeat and uplifting.
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General Invitations to Minister

I am always open to the invitations to come and minister whatever Word the Lord places on my heart for a particular congregation or conference. Although the message may be unknown, what is known is that it will be a product of worship, prayer, and fasting.

Book-based Ministry

I would be honored to accept an invitation to come and minister from the theme of one my books. Or, I can minister from each of my books for extended ministry visits.
If you have yet to see my books, you can do so by clicking the bookstore link.

How to Invite Me to Minister

If you would like to invite me to minister at your church, conference, or seminar, please fill out the form below. And, in the comments area please provide any information you deem pertinent to the event. Someone will promptly respond to your request.
Thank you for considering me. I hope the Lord allows it to be so. If He does, it means we’re going to have a great and impactful time together in Him!

Invitation for Ministry Request Form

A thousand thanks for considering me for a time of ministry.
I try to not take any invitation lightly or for granted. I prayerfully and carefully consider each one, wanting to be a blessing wherever I’m led to. I am honored that your prayerful consideration has prompted this invitation. I hope it leads to something special!
Please take just a few moments to provide the information requested below. This will help familiarize me with your ministry, your ministry’s invitation, and provide me with the practical information needed in arriving at a decision.
Thanks again for your consideration.
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