Kirkland Sheldon Bailey is a Chicago (IL, U.S.A.) native who committed his life to Christ in October of 1988. Blessed with the spiritual gift of teaching, he began his teaching ministry in a Baptist church in 1993.
Six years later he would begin a non-denominational church that he would pastor for 11 years before stepping back to pursuit the calling of, “Taking the Word, Teaching the World”.
His international ministry has found him ministering the Word of God, healing, and Holy Spirit baptism on the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.
K. Sheldon Bailey is also an inspired author, writing books and articles that bring clarity and insight to many of the controversial and under-addressed issues concerning Christian-living.
In a ceremony held on July 10th, 2021, Kirkland Sheldon Bailey was publicly confirmed as an apostle of Jesus Christ. (View the Youtube link to the ceremony here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QAqVAfZAbk)


As was the case with creation, everything that is of God is often, if not always, born out of a Word from Him. The words spoken by God or from God are seeds that eventually bring forth the fruit of what was spoken. The existence of K. Sheldon Bailey Ministries International is no different. It is the manifest fruit of a seed that was sown through a word that was spoken.
(Keep reading for K. Sheldon’s testimony of how his ministry came to be.)
K. Sheldon Bailey Ministries International is the product a prophetic word that was spoken over 25 years ago at the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida. This was one of the greatest revivals in the history of Christianity. It spanned from Fathers’ Day 1995 through the year 2000. Records reflect that is was attended by more than 4 million people from over 150 countries.
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The Pensacola Prophecy

“In 1996 I attended the Brownsville Revival after hearing something spiritually different in my younger sister who had recently returned from Pensacola after attending the revival. This something I heard in her was more than enthusiasm, or rejuvenation, although I heard those things, as well. Whatever else it was I heard in her voice compelled me to attend the revival and four days later I was on a plane to Pensacola, Florida!
I had been advised to get to the church very early and soon after arriving early the first day I understand why. The church doors for the nightly, 7pm service opened at 5pm. Each day I was at least the fifth person in line after arriving before 6am and camping out until the evening. By 9am there were hundreds of people in the line that extended a great way down the street.
The first service of the weekly revival was held on Tuesday and that service was dedicated entirely to prayer. In a sanctuary that held an estimated 2,000 persons there were 20 to 25 poled banners scattered throughout. Each banner was labeled with something, or someone to pray for. There were banners for marriages, family members, churches, pastors, government, etc.
The instruction was to gather at one of the banners and pray for whoever or whatever was written on that banner. We were to move from banner to banner until everyone had prayed at each banner, or until the time was up. Afterwards, were to return to our seating area and spend any remaining time praying for those who were seated around us.

“How You doin’, preacha?”

While praying for the brother and sister from Mississippi I spent 12 hours in line with, I felt what I thought was someone staring at me. This may sound strange but I felt it so strongly that I was being distracted by it while I was praying. When I was done, I opened my eyes in the direction of the stare, and immediately my eyes were locked with the eyes of a man who was standing there, seemingly waiting for me to finish praying.
He said to me, “How you doin’ preacha?” That got my attention because I didn’t know anyone there, no one knew me, and I had not told anyone I was a preacher. And, to be honest, with my Air Jordan basketball shoes, my Chicago Bulls championship t-shirt, and blue jean jacket with the collar up, I certainly wasn’t looking like anyone’s preacher.
I don’t remember responding to his greeting because of how taken aback I was by his address. At that point in m life, I had never experienced or heard of anyone experiencing anything like this. The next thing I remember was hearing him next say, “Did you know that God is going to use you to be a blessing thousands and thousands of people all over the world?” Surprised by the encounter, all I could say was, “Glory.”
After stating a few other things that were similar in nature, he left leaving me speechless by the encounter.
I returned home to continue ministering at the church I was a part of at the time. And although it never completely left my mind, I didn’t think much more about it. That is, until twelve years later.
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The Rochester Prophecy

After I had been pastoring for nine years, in the fall of 2008 I was invited to New York for two nights to teach on the subject of Holy Spirit baptism. At the end of the second night, a gentleman whom I had never met before, approached me and said,”The Lord is going to use you to write many books…”
Although I believe in the gift of prophecy, I tend to be skeptical because “many false prophets are gone out into the world.” However, this gentleman got my attention for two reasons: First, because unbeknownst to him, I had with me a book proposal that contained a page listing 12 books that I had plans to write. My belief in the moment was, only God could have revealed this to him.
As important as that was in getting my attention and causing me to consider him credible, what he said next could not have amazed me more. “The Lord is going to use you to write many books and use you to be a blessing to thousands and thousands people all around the world.” Nearly word for word, he prophesied the exact same thing to me that had been prophesied 12 years prior at the Brownsville revival.
Admittedly, not only had I not given the first prophecy much thought, I hadn’t given it much credibility, either. This was because, at that time I couldn’t see myself ministering internationally or to that many people. Partly because I had not been exposed to international ministry, and partly because I could not fathom ministering to “thousands and thousands of people.” But hearing the prophecy from Pensacola echoed in Rochester confirmed it for me, and made me a believer.

“You Can’t Get There, from here!”

I left New York and returned to the small church I pastored in Southern California. Not knowing how things would unfold or how the prophecy would come to pastor, I just continued to do what I had been doing, teaching the people of God, the Word of God.
But in the spring of 2010 while attending a pastors’ conference in San Bernardino, California, I unexpectedly heard something that would challenge me and launch me into what the Lord ultimately had planned for me.
Following the morning session, we were served lunch before the conference resumed with the afternoon session. After lunch, I returned to the nearly empty five-thousand seat sanctuary when I suddenly began to think about the “thousands and thousands” prophecy. It was an odd thought because nothing had been said that prompted me to think about that. In fact, I couldn’t remember the last time that had crossed my mind. Nevertheless, there is was, “…you will be a blessing to thousands and thousands all over the world.”
What followed that thought was a voice. It wasn’t an external voice, as if someone in the sanctuary was speaking to me. No one was anywhere near me. It was an audible voice but it was an internal, still small voice and It said, “You can’t get there from here.”
Instantly, I understood two things. One, that was the voice of the Lord. And two, It was saying that I could not reach the “thousands and thousands all over the world” from the church I had been pastoring for nearly 11 years. God has a way of saying very little and causing us to understand very much. Needless to say, this stunned me. Not just hearing God’s voice, which I had only heard in similar fashion two or three prior, but also because it meant, in order for me to possess one thing, I would have to release another. If I were to be a blessing to thousands and thousands around the world, I would have to step back from pastoring. Which would turn out to be, perhaps, the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.
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An Unexpected Echo

A few weeks later, during a routine phone conversation I was speaking with an aunt about the Lord, spiritual things, and the church. She was aware of the prophecies that had been spoken concerning the “thousands and thousands”, however, I had not spoken with her about the pastors’ conference or what I heard while seated in the sanctuary.
Somehow me “being a blessing to thousands and thousands all around the world” came up in the conversation. Out of the blue she casually said to me, “Well, maybe you can’t get there from here.”
To say the least, I was astonished by her comment because it was the exact thing, verbatim, the Lord had spoken to me just weeks prior. My shock and silence was accompanied by chill bumps – chill bumps that I feel almost every time I tell this story.
After a few seconds of not being able to speak, I told my aunt that I had heard the exact words from the Lord at the pastors’ conference. Needless to say, she was surprised. But what the echo did to me confirmed what I knew my next course of action had to be…I had to tell my church that I would no longer be pastoring them, and why.
A few short months later, I found myself standing before the church announcing my departure.
To date, have taken ministry trips to many countries on the continents of Africa, Asia, European, and North America. The Lord continues to open doors for ministry, enabling me to, “be a blessing to thousands and thousands all around the world.”